‘This is the world I want for her’: Father shares stranger’s act of kindness to little Girl – Video

Kevin Armentrout posted on social media that a man named Joseph from Oklahoma showed him “kindness and compassion” toward his young daughter. Kevin and his daughter, Carter Jean, were at the airport waiting for their flight to Las Vegas and his daughter was behaving like her “regular curious self.” She mentioned that she plans to meet and greet other travelers.

While waiting for the aircraft from Las Vegas to San Diego, she approached traveler Joseph Wright and who shared his iPad with the tiny girl.

“Last night, while waiting to board our aircraft, (Carter Jean) was being her typical inquisitive self, wanting to greet and say “hello” to everyone she could until she walked up on this man,” he said on Instagram.

“The man stretched out and asked if she wanted to sit with him,” he explained. He showed her how to doodle on his iPad, and they enjoyed cartoons together while she served him snacks.”

Wright played the Charlie Brown cartoon for Carter Jean for around 45 minutes in return for her cheese puffs, and they bonded for about 45 minutes.

“Looking at them, I couldn’t help but think about varied genders, generations, and the greatest of friends,” he remarked. This is the world I want her to grow up in.”

“In a society that is constantly told that it is so profoundly divided by views, I want her life to be enriched with experiences like today,”

Kevin said on Fa-cebook. Later, Kevin thanked Joseph Wright for interacting with her daughter, who has a propensity of approaching strangers and talking to them.

“Joseph…if this finds you, thank you for showing my daughter what love and compassion look like,” he stated.

Keep shining your light in the world,” Kevin stated that he wanted to share this story because he wants Joseph Wright to know how much he meant to him and that he is now attempting to expose his daughter to all cultures, ethnicities, and generations so that she may welcome them with open arms.

“I first knew (Joseph) in school in 1976…this is exactly how he was then and during our years in school…,” one reader commented on Kevin’s essay. Both then and now, he was a great human being.”

“As long as I’ve known him, he’s been that way,” adds another. “…truly a kind person, this comes as no surprise to me,” a third individual wrote.